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    July 10, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31pm PDT  

. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now with breaking news. breaking news out of oakland. police reporting a child kidnapping, 21 month-old viola webb. she was kidnapped near a super market in east oakland. we are live outside of the home of the toddler's father. police are preparing to serve a search warrant.
>> reporter: john webb lives here. he is the man police want the public to help identify. we don't know who he is. this is the father of 21-month- old viola webb. they want to know where they have been together over the past month. they are trying to establish a time line and who would have wanted to abduct her if that happened. they are saying he is not a suspect. john webb is not here. he is speaking with investigators at another location. the fbi was on 79th and international boulevard
photographs of daphne viola webb were passed out. family member was in the car with the girl at the time of the abduction but the family member suffers from mental illness and is disabled. the neighbor spoke with john webb after his daughter went missing. >> he was look looking in the car and appeared to be stunned. his mom was in the ;r i said what happened and he said his mom has dimentia.
>> reporter: investigators, a judge signed off this evening. they could be inside the home. the home is 60 to 70 yards up the street. we will update you in 10-12 minutes. live in oakland, kron4news. they are expanding their search for daphne webb. they are searching with dogs around shore line park on doolittle drive. we will update you during this newscast. survivors pay a visit to
the wreckage at sfo. they release new 911 calls after the crash. >> i am reporting a plane crash at sfo. >> this is the clean-up crew. this is a live look at that clean up effort. federal safety officials say they told the crew not to evacuate. the ntsb said people didn't begin evacuating until 90 second says later when a fire erupted. the pilot checked with the tower at the airport. we have 911 calls made from people who saw the accident and
people who had just gotten off the plane. charles clifford reports. >> reporter: the california highway patrol got calls moments after the crash. >> i am reporting an airplane crash at sfo. >> reporter: they were getting calls from people on the plane. >> hello california highway patrol. >> we just got in a plane crash at san francisco international airport. >> reporter: they received frantic calls from people who were ejected. >> we just got in a plane crash and there are a bunch of people who need help. there is a woman out here on the street on the runway who is
pretty much burned severely on the headand we don't know what to do. no ambulance is on site. cfire trucks but no ambulance. >> okay. hold on. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron4news. they are opening site investigation but there are questions not answered. kron4's dan kerman brings us the latest. >> reporter: they talk about the landing speed of asiana 214 and how it was being controlled. >> in the last 2 and a half minutes of the flight from the data on our flight data recorder, we see multiple auto pilot modes and auto throttle
modes. >> reporter: the auto throttle and pilot work together. whether it played a part in the crash. >> we need to understand what those modes were, and they were commanded by the pilot and if the pilot understood what the mode was doing. >> reporter: the ntsb says ultimately the responsibility still lies on the pilot. >> they have to monitor. pilots are trained to monitor. >> reporter: once it came to a stop there was no immediate evacuation. >> they told them not to initiate evacuation. they were communicating with
the tower about the emergency. the cabin manager told people to stay in their seat and not evacuation. >> reporter: passengers stayed put for 90 seconds. they communicated there was a fire to the pilot and that's when the evacuation began. >> one slide deployed inside the aircraft and pinned an attendant. two attendants were ejected. it is back in the hands of sfo in 24 hours. the salvage operation will begin. repairs to the runway will begin then will 28 left will
open. dan kerman, kron4news. >> reporter: from the roof cam you can see low vis ibility. it has been this way for a while. we are seeing drizzle in the coastline. the fog peels back by 11:00. we see sunny skies and cooler temperatures and friday but slightly warmer. we have an extended forecast coming up. >> reporter: a 21-month-old girl has been missing over 12 hours. they are searching her father's home. coming up.
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. >> we give you major coverage. when it is a big story or breaking news, we are on the air anytime. kron4 the bay area's news station. this is a live picture.
the clean up has started at san francisco international airport. they are clearing debris from the asiana crash. the ntsb has control of runway 28 left and it is closed during the investigation. they are wrapping up the on- site investigation. they have been allowed to clean peripheral areas in an effort to open that runway to flight traffic. >> reporter: giants, man, it has been a while since things have been so grim. we will give you the quote low lights. we will have fun. pam and jackie will enjoy each other. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce, you want to be close to the people
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. >> breaking news out of oakland is about this little girl. this child has been kidnapped. 21 month-old viola webb. they are outside the home of the father. >> reporter: the information hasn't changed but the scene has. to the left and right, the
tactical command center was set up here on the foot of green ridge drive. they have left and so have other officers. we don't know what that means because a judge signed off on a search warrant. that happened at 10:00 this evening. we know john webb is not here. any updates that come up we will let you know and in the live in oakland, kron4news. >> we will have updated on line as well at and beginning at 4:00 on the morning news. asiana flight 214 in what must have been an emotional
experience. survivors were taken out to the site of the wreckage. j.r. stone has that story. >> reporter: survivors are back at their hotel after they saw the wreckage for the first time since saturday. you have an overhead view of what it looked like. you see three charter buses and the people on site. they were there 30 minutes as to what exactly they were doing is hard to say. either going through items they may have lost or to see the site for the first time since saturday. those buses drove by me. you could see survivors with crutches and those with the ntsb sitting in other areas and police escort. out here all is quiet.
those survivors are back at their hotel. reporting in burlingame, j.r. stone. >> 6 of the 12 agreed to talk. several were overwhelmed with tears. some flight attendants helped passengers off. one carried a boy off despite her injuries and one put flames out so others could get off the plane. >> i hope for the families who suffered losses to recover as quickly as possible, and they are all in my prayers. the landing gear and tail
clipped the rocky wall. it killed 2 and injured 180 others. the flight attendants near the tail section were ejected from the plane. >> reporter: tomorrow and friday the fog is moreexpense extensive. into the delta it peels back. by 10:00 back to bay shores and the coastline we will have a live look outside. we see the threat of high clouds edges toward the south bay. the clouds and the rain that you see associated with tropical moisture, i think it will stay out of the forecast
area. cooler than today. 77 from mountain view. back in e 80s like concord and livermore. east bay shores in the 60s and 70s. upper 50s and low 60s thanks to the fog coverage. low 80s in the north bay. they will have 70s in santa rosa. same thing for friday as the fog is more extensive. into the weekend we see a change. slightly warmer conditions, which is average for this time of year. sad news on the giants. they are hitting rock bottom on and off the field. can the a's top the american
league west? gary has more. look at 'em.
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delivering off tommy malone. 2 and 2/3. looks like he has one out? no. 0-for-4. down to .221 but will be in the home run hitting contest. you hear a couple scouts say he has more stuff than anybody in the a's organization. he struck out. a's first loss to -- the pirates they lost 5-2. murphy had a single.
blooper to center. cain, 36 pitches. look at the defense what they gave wheeler. traded new york for beltray. here he is saying let's go home. giants have lost 14 of 16 since july 12th. bad news off the field. chad gaudin has been charged with one count of open and gross leudness from january in las vegas. at 4:30 a.m. he approached a 23-year-old
woman on a gurney. he told her she was gorgeous and touched her face and her breast. they are in san diego tomorrow. two more years getting paid, they have an option for 2014, 2015, warriors introduce at noon andre their signing from the denver nuggets. hopefully they will win games. let's so you andrew bynam. $25 million if he hits his
incentives. buttering up saying thrilled to have you here. eating in a restaurant, breakfast for everybody in the place. >> good night, everybody.
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